Wednesday, May 29, 2013


If this thing passes, we're looking @ about 33.000.000 more illegals, in the next decade. Did I mention this is in addition to the 45,000,000+ which have come on over about the last 20 yrs? Add 'em together folks! This is nearing 80,000,000 illegals, along with everything they're spewing out in babies. Population of the US is a bit over 320,000,000. Think of it folks-over 1/4th of our countries population, being added as illegals. Not "undocumented workers" or "employees temporarily without paperwork. Illegals folks! Criminals who need to be deported!!!! Over 80% of these are coming from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, & the 3rd world orient. Where's Scandinavia, or Northern Europe represented in the U.S.?
For your viewing pleasure! This is California folks!! Show this to anyone thinking of moving here? 

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