Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Only a problem tonight-Krauthammer lied too. First, Krauthammer's load. That Putin "generously" provided a face-saving way for obama to exit. BULL!! Putin wouldn't do that! As with Snowden, because Putin, appropriately, can't handle traitors or blacks, of which obama's obviously both,  he's looking for every opportunity to embarrass obama; & his merry band of marxists & other idiots(Kerry) is providing no end of ammunition!!
O'reilly persists in propagating the lies that have been said on Syria
1) Assad used them. All talk, no proof! LIAR O'REILLY
2) The CIA-backed Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood rebels HAVE ADMITTED TO USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Also, WND felt confident enough to run the story!
3) o'reilly portraying libertarians as isolationists, AGAIN, WHEN NO EVIDENCE HAS BEEN PRESENTED! Like obama, o'reilly utilizing Alinskyite tactics to put opposition on the defensive.
4) Assad rejected requests to use  chemical weapons!!O'REILLY'S A LIAR!!!!!
5) Lying by omission, o'reilly! No comment on Kucinich's, & secondarily Cruz, saying that we de jure 'd become Al Qaeda's(muslim brotherhood's) air force if we went after Assad.
6) More lying by omission not talking about the  substantial  build-up  also (3 links there!!!)O'REILLY, YOU LIE BIG, & U LIE BAD!!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


TO DESTROY, BANKRUPT, & ISOLATE THE U.S.? Along with the derivatives & unfunded liabilities, are real indebtedness of our nation is in excess of $400,000,000,000,000.00! THAT'S TRILLION FOLKS! READ THAT LAST TWICE! That's $4 X 10 to the 14th? One or 2 sources have actually put it in the quadrillion range-that's over $1,000,000,000,000,000.00 That's 1000 trillion!! Stating our debt here, we're almost to the point of having to enlist scientists to put it in scientific notation!! How many miles wide is the Milky Way? In monetary terms, are we getting close? He's done nothing right, nor honest, nor Constitutional since he assumed office(however fraudulently)! Excepting maybe his admission he was born in Kenya! His wife, Coco the Gorilla, admits the same! This is real good, with China being 1 of the key players, supporting Assad, @ the same time loaning us money; or rather they were. Now The Fed, the lender of last resort, is the only thing keeping the USS TITANIC afloat. The Chinese have been trying to get the heck out of US bonds; but not so fast they cause a market meltdown, which, really, is inevitable. Why are we continuing to fool ourselves & think, as some tell me,"we have to maintain hope." Hope? For Russia, since the October Revolution, what's their standard of living been like? Are they still "hopeful" that they'll eventually come out of it? What's our's becoming? Maybe paraphrasing Rowan Gaither, a former president of the Ford Foundation, now deceased, the purpose to the Foundation(s) is to so alter life in the U.S. that we can be better merged with Russia. Are we moving in that direction?

A friend, about 18 or so months ago, picked me up @ the Fremont BART station. Driving around, making a few stops, on our way to lunch, we drove through some areas where there were 75,000 and 80,000 sq ft office buildings, STONE EMPTY! Look again @ that time period. About 18 months ago! Has the economy improved since then?
This is revolting! How many lies have they told? HOW MANY GOLF GAMES HAS HE BEEN ON? HOW MANY VACATIONS HAS HE TAKEN? Not to mention, VACATIONS FROM WHAT?!?! Usually presidents, at least the remedially conscientious ones, even if they're stupid like Carter was, govern for a spell, then take a vacation! One analyst said Obama virtually stopped governing when he assumed office! I don't think that statement's inaccurate.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


In the face of the evidence linking chemical weapons to the rebels, o'reilly continue to lie unendingly & bloviate & he tries to implicate Assad. The only thing o'reilly knows how to do is lie & interrupt people.
THIS IS INTERESTING!  70% of liberals don't support obama, but o'reilly does! Does that make o'reilly dangerous, stupid, or both? I mean in addition to being the lying bloviating propagandist he is.
REMINDER OF WHAT o'reilly IS! Get the kids out of the room; this video shows what a filthy-mouthed brain-dead moron o'reilly is.

Monday, September 2, 2013


What kind of a president is so bad that, after 1 visits a nation which, during the cold war, was taken to be an enemy, leaves you cheering for them & saying, "GO GO!!" when they're given the opportunity to make your president look bad?Almost to the point of wanting to make a call to them & saying,"how can I be of assistance?"