Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Only a problem tonight-Krauthammer lied too. First, Krauthammer's load. That Putin "generously" provided a face-saving way for obama to exit. BULL!! Putin wouldn't do that! As with Snowden, because Putin, appropriately, can't handle traitors or blacks, of which obama's obviously both,  he's looking for every opportunity to embarrass obama; & his merry band of marxists & other idiots(Kerry) is providing no end of ammunition!!
O'reilly persists in propagating the lies that have been said on Syria
1) Assad used them. All talk, no proof! LIAR O'REILLY
2) The CIA-backed Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood rebels HAVE ADMITTED TO USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Also, WND felt confident enough to run the story!
3) o'reilly portraying libertarians as isolationists, AGAIN, WHEN NO EVIDENCE HAS BEEN PRESENTED! Like obama, o'reilly utilizing Alinskyite tactics to put opposition on the defensive.
4) Assad rejected requests to use  chemical weapons!!O'REILLY'S A LIAR!!!!!
5) Lying by omission, o'reilly! No comment on Kucinich's, & secondarily Cruz, saying that we de jure 'd become Al Qaeda's(muslim brotherhood's) air force if we went after Assad.
6) More lying by omission not talking about the  substantial  build-up  also (3 links there!!!)O'REILLY, YOU LIE BIG, & U LIE BAD!!!!

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