Monday, February 13, 2012


In the past, with some friends, on abortion, I have generally tried to discourage some from being "single issue voters" on this topic, using it as a litmus test for our elected representatives. With prayer, analysis and ponderousness, I believe on a philosophical and theological plane, I've come around to better view the issue.
This should be the single issue, if none other, which governs our vote-are we a culture which gravitates toward life, hope, and the future, which is what babies are? Or are we a culture which gravitates towards death, annihilation, and murder, which is what abortion is? Even the 2d amendment emanates out of this as, Sir William Blackstone believed & said, to the effect, life  begins @ conception! All matter concerning life, rights, and inheritance fall on that which groweth in the woom, & should be defended accordingly!
This is the nexis of the future of a civilization-pregnant women hold the future in their uteruses.

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