Saturday, April 14, 2012

Even o'reilly's brain-dead body-language-reading whore could see through this exchange! Rousseff, and just about every other leader on planet earth can see through "Mr Prez" as the fraud, liar, marxist and phony that he is, raping & gutting the country he's suppose to be leading! HE'S A FRAUD AND A RAPIST, RAPING & DISEMBOWELING THE COUNTRY! WHY IS HE BEING ALLOWED TO STAY IN OFFICE? HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT  TO/FOR OUR NATION, AND A TRAITOR!!! HE IS HUMAN WASTE OF THE LOWEST ORDER!!!
Knowing what a traitorous verminous liar and slime he is, I could only imagine what Rousseff is saying about him when he goes wheels-up & leaves her country.

I wonder if Rousseff has seen this or knows about Larry Sinclair, and what a nauseating amoral/immoral animal we have in the blight house:
How sick a nation are we that he's been allowed to continue in office? If he sodomized his dog on camera, then would we make any effort @ impeaching?

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