Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Actually maybe 2 updates.
Now this is almost turning in to a sick game!
Way back when, when niece was getting near(grandparent subsidized) private high school graduation, & she was looking towards college, funds, it turns out, were a little tight. But guess what? Grandparents had a nice wad of equity, conveniently timed, built up in their home. Sis, being in the industry, deftly knew how to get it out. Who, or what, did she get it out for? I'll give you 20 guesses!

As it's pretty much becoming open knowledge that my friend's figured out he, his back, his dream of law school, & his marriage, among other things were all sacrificed so his niece could get her college & her beginnings; now it's as if they're rubbing his nose in it, looking for yet more things for niece to let him know there was more than enough money, just not for him!(sorry, reiterating, not for an investment, rather over 4X the expense supporting him, rather than possibly investing in him?) Now, as the friend pops pain pills, wakes up in agonizing pain, can't get to sleep without painkillers, he's learned they're helping out with her wedding! This gentleman's sister laughs roundly and mirthfully that, in her twisted sick vengeful mind, she's meted out justice & "equality" getting what she needs for her daughter.

Gee, what next? For a wedding gift are they going to drop a Ferrari Testarosa or a Lamborghini Murcielago(or maybe both?) with a big bow on top, down in front of the house where they're having the wedding? A home for them in Beverly Hills?
As this friend pointed out, it's no longer about the money; it's about simple honesty within a family going down the toilet.

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