Thursday, June 21, 2012


As delineated/proven in previous posts, they're perverts, thieves and child molesters; NOW WE FIND OUT THE MACHINES THEY'RE USING ARE TOTALLY WORTHLESS AND INEFFECTIVE, I mean other than massively irradiating travelers and the badge-heavy morons who are dumb enough to work around them.

Too, barring the fact that the most honest & credible security professionals(THAT EXCLUDES JANET N.) have all said that, for what TSA's function is claimed to be, that, even if they did catch any bombers, hi-jackers or would be terrorist, if they were caught @ this point(so far the # of terrorists caught @ this point?0, THAT'S ZERO!!), the FBI, CIA, NSA, ICE, CUSTOMS, AND Immigration, among others would have proven to not be doing their jobs!

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