Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Why don't we send the bill to Calderon, Vicente Fox, or Obama himself since they all seem to want this illegal criminal filth to stay in our country. (Not to mention the nauseating, embarrassing criminal garbage which is presently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC!)

Wait!!! For Loretta Robinson, I believe this is Biblical!An eye for an eye!! "Anna Gonzalez" slut, "tearfully pleading guilty" after being in the country, illegally, for 12 years?!?! In the Middle East they'd probably, & appropriately, disembowel this worthless phony whore; cut her up & leave her for the vultures.

Loretta Robinson, mam, this would be my gift to you, were I elected president:(also addressing the issue of Executive Orders since so many presidents have seemed to have gotten by on them & since Obama's 1st Executive Order was fraudulently shutting down access to his history & records) would be to have an Executive Order signed to publicly execute "Miss Anna Gonzalez", by putting a 12 gauge slug in her ear, shattering her worthless skull(or jamming a needle full of raw sewage into her vein), urinate in her, next, cremated remains; and then dump the ash on the home of the president of Mexico, with a note which says, "THIS IS WHAT WE DO WITH THE VERMINOUS FILTH OF YOURS WHICH COMES TO OUR COUNTRY, VIOLATES OUR LAWS, OUR BORDERS, & KILLS OUR CITIZENS."

I would next send out SEAL teams  & Special Forces to hunt down every member of her filthy, dirty, disgusting, worthless family, in both the US & Mexico, exterminate them all like bugs, with the same note-"THIS IS WHAT THE U.S. DOES WITH EACH & EVERY MEMBER OF THE FILTHY VERMINOUS TRASH & THEIR FAMILY'S, WHICH OPT TO VIOLATE OUR BORDERS & OUR  LAWS".

The above, Loretta Robinson, were I elected president, would be my gift to you!

Might this send a little bit of a message that we have some Americanism, & some balls, in the White House, since we obviously don't  right now?

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