Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mohammedan DROOL
YEA! I SAW IT!! REPRESENTATIVE KEITH ELLISON, UP IN MINNESOTA, IS Godless MOHAMMEDAN GARBAGE OF THE LOWEST VARIETY!! HIS KIND IS Godless TRASH, LOWER THAN TRASH!!! LOWER THAN RAW SEWAGE!! And I don't care much for Hannity either. But this went so far into the realm of the unacceptable it was obscene. The only question I have for Hannity is why didn't he cut this animal's mike off? To say this mohammedan garbage was a drooling animal would be an insult to animals everywhere. Representative Keith Ellison is an embarrassment to congress, gov't itself, society @ large and especially to himself!!
Or, maybe looking @ it from the other side, maybe we need drooling fools like this to remind us of what's wrong with America. Maybe Hannity had him on for a reason-so we could see what brain-dead sub-moronic liars most liberals and deranged mohammedans are. HE IS A LIAR, A FOOL, AND A MOHAMMEDAN MORON!! Hannity's clip of the rape and damage our imperious king has done was dead-on accurate!! THE PREZ HAS THE COUNTRY PROSTRATE OVER A BARREL & IS RAPING US OUT ON A DAILY BASIS; THAT IS A FACT, WHETHER ellison-SCUM LIKES IT OR NOT!! The fact he is such a stolid defender of the prez is a testament of his lack of integrity, character, and brains!

"MESSAGE FOR YOU ellison, YOU deranged mohammedan FILTH!! YOU'RE GARBAGE, YOUR PERVERTED PROPHET IS GARBAGE. IF HE EVEN EXISTED, HE WAS A SICK ANIMAL! And yea, I am reading the  Qur'an; it's quite sick. Especially the parts which liken the hair on a young boy's butt to the fuzz on a peach. Yea! Mohammed, if he even existed, his writings reflect he was a mind-blowing queer, pedophile and pervert. That's a helluva dichotomy when Islam calls for killing queers; was your prophet actually just trying to kill off that perverse side of himself? I'd say so! Deal with it!"
To Hannity-The next time you have on brain damage like that, cut their mike after about 3 seconds, not 3 minutes!

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