Thursday, March 14, 2013


"What's the matter with you? Are your ratings dropping? Do you think the only way to gain viewer-ship is to be completely insulting? Donahue(, Colmes, Hubbard! Your pathetic attempts @ trying to act big and bad and like you're the grand protector and truth purveyor are gross! From discerning minds which take in news from ALL sources, YOU'RE A LIAR!!! Comparing ALL news through ALL sources, your claims @ wanting to protect and inform people are hollow. Everyone with functional gray matter can see through you!"
"Mr o'reilly, do you know on 911 how many families are getting squelched and vilified because they don't believe your tripe or the rest of the lies of 9-11 or the 9-11 Commission Report, & they're asking some REAL questions(which you, incidentally, poopoo)? YOU'RE A GODLESS SELF-SERVING LIAR & A PHONY MR O'REILLY. You don't have the stones to cover the real news; or if you maybe get close, you squelch the people who you have on who might have the truth."
And with the likes of Colmes & Donahue, I'm not a particular fan of theirs but, especially with Donahue, he overwhelming proves you to be the idiot you are that understands nothing about war, politics, geopolitics, the Constitution, terrorism or anything else. YOU ARE A PARTISAN LIAR MR O'REILLY!!"

Accept it, O'reilly! You're an idiot, a liar, a phony, and a bone-headed piece of garbage!"
Here it is folks-
Now he thinks he can garner ratings by being an insulting prick?!?!
Word of advice for o'reilly-retire, today!
"Newsflash o'reilly-you failed on the radio because people recognize you as the vapid  talentless fool that you are.
"With quality commentary out there like Devvy Kidd & Alex Jones(along w/ all their award-winning documentaries) & their respective staffs & research teams, the only reason people watch you is to keep track of what the liars and phonies are saying; & you're one if the grossest!!"
Here! I'll post that Inside Edition link again so everyone can see what a Godless tragic rodent you are.

Why don't you give me the mike for 1, or 2, of your shows where I set the issues & aqsk the questions, & you're reduced to a guest, and I'll invite on some people who would crucify and bury you so fast, so deep, you'd never get up! YOU'RE A LIAR & A PHONY & YOU KNOW IT!!

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