Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There! Big and bold so everyone can go to it.
I'm glad there's a picture with this, so everyone can take a long hard look at what a dangerous worthless phony, and piece of establishment garbage, looks like. I heard this bloated sub-moronic piece of manure on Megyn Kelly a day or 2 ago.(Of course what does 1 expect on Kelly's show, she's got little more than raw sewage swirling through her head most of the time anyway.)
On the Lanza case, with all the armaments Lipman ALLEGED were in the Lanza home that Adam's mother ALLEGEDLY bought, quite frankly, I was waiting for Lipman to say, among the things found, they also found some nuclear-tipped Tomakawk, Phoenix, & Pershing 2 missiles in the Lanza home; or a hydrogen bomb, veritably stored under Adam's bed!
This Lipman worm is truly a product of the DC propaganda machine. The fact he's got a background @ Georgetown, in "law" & "psychology", and is, again, part of the Washington machine, should raise serious questions as to his credibility and integrity; or even his ability to think.
Point one-Most law schools don't teach real law any more. Constitutional law is merely an elective, not a requirement.  And Sir William Blackstone? One of, if not thee most,  important figures in all of English speaking jurisprudence? He's virtually never mentioned.
Point 2-The field of psychology itself? I refer people to Dr Nathaniel Branden, a real free-thinking, properly grounded psychologist! An intellectual powerhouse like no other!! One that understands the world, human nature, & can think, & question. Not a liberal progressivistic establishment moron who just reads a script like Lipman apparently does.

Completely irresponsibly, if not insanely, Lipman all but avoids the issues of psychotropic medications Adam was on, or that his history as a mental patient should have been examined. Instead Lipman comes about as close to saying that Constitutionalism and preparing for a crisis are responsible for the shooting(It's scale still in question). Prepping, to blame? hmm. Hurricanes in the South and east, tornadoes in the midwest, earthquakes in California? People who want to have a few extra cans of beans in the home to blame, or a sidearm to protect themselves and their families from looters(in communities like Los Angeles, or NYC)? Oh, sorry! Morbidly obese slobs like Lipman can live off their own fat for a month or 2.
Really bad for Lipman-slob. Why doesn't he address the obits and memorial funds for some of the alleged victims that were on things like facebook, or part of the SS death index, IN SOME CASES, UP TO A MONTH BEFORE THE EVENT EVEN HAPPENED!!! ANSWER THAT ONE, LIPMAN, YOU SQUID!! NEWS FLASH!!! ADAM LANZA WAS LISTED AS DEAD A DAY BEFORE THE EVENT EVEN HAPPENED!!!! YEA FOLKS!!! LET'S ASK LIPMAN-PHONY THAT ONE! VICTORIA SOTO, I BELIEVE IT WAS? SHE HAD A MEMORIAL FUND SET UP ABOUT 30 DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING!!! ANSWER THESE, LIPMAN-FISH!!! Or do you need a script for that too you pig?

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