Thursday, April 25, 2013


"Hey o'reilly! Maybe your viewership is dropping because people are discovering you're NOT looking out for them.  People are discovering your quality of news is absolute garbage. Or that you're a complete & total liar and centrist-moderate apologist for the worst president we've ever seen.(Obama)."

So this explains why o'reilly's been even ruder than usual on his show, interrupting people, cutting them off, interjecting his opinion when he clearly doesn't have anything worthwhile to say and is ignorant as a rock. This explains why o'reillys been attacking, w/ all the mindless whores he has on, 1 of the most cutting edge sources of news out there, Alex Jones.
Keep going folks! Wake up and turn o'reilly off! Drive that lying worthless empti-headed piece of self-agrandizing egotistical slime into retirement. He and his whores are idiots, with the exception of Monica Crowley. She's good people, so far.
Here's a clip of Inside Edition, before they, appropriately, flushed o'reilly down the toilet.

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