Friday, June 14, 2013


Sad change of perspective. Having had a parent who was among the ranks of America's public servants, fighting fires, I have always had a big spot in my heart for them, cops and fire fighters alike. When ever one went down in the line of duty, 30 years ago I thought "Ouch! That hurts!"
For fire fighters now, it's still the same. But cops, today when I see one of those idiots lowered into the ground, with all the police abuses that seem to be aggressively spreading across our land, I think,"Good! Another corrupt worthless Nazi fascist pig cop, dead! Dead, DEAD, DEAD!!!" To qualify, I don't like thinking that way; but the good cops need to help get rid of the bad ones. Cops, like the nazis in the above link, we're better off without. Good cops share these same sentiments. The bad ones need to go as they give the good ones a bad name. To any cop reading this,"are you a good cop, or a bad one?"

For just over 60 years our county got by without any police, relying instead on the local sheriff, and the second amendment, for law enforcement. If a particularly hardened thug, or group of them surfaced, the sheriff deputized an appropriate number of citizens and they went after him/them.

What was it Ben Franklin said,"An armed society is a polite society." Numerous studies have been done showing criminals love gun control laws as they don't get theirs through legal channels and it disarms their potential victims. All we have to do right now is look at the communities where gun laws are the most restrictive-DC and NYC-cities with the highest crime rates. Contrastively, look at communities like Kennesaw Georgia where, barring a criminal record or mental disorder, a law was passed requiring the head of every household own a gun. What happened? Crime plummeted!

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