Sunday, June 23, 2013


"Guess what nazi-Schumer! You face serious consequences if you go after the second amendment!"
Suggest you read Gateway To Tyranny by Aaron Zellman, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Read how our 1968 Gun Control Act is almost verbatim from the Nazi's Federal Reichsgesetz(Federal German Register). Or do you know & you just have some similar characteristics with the nazis in wanting to subjugate & control people.

Rule of thumb-If "senators" Lindsey Graham, Sweinstein, and Schumer all want to go after Snowden, he must have done something good, heroic, or patriotic, cuz they're not!

(25 June 2013)Ah, poor baby nazi-Schumer, doesn't look like he's going to get his way. Not from Putin!
"Go ahead Schumer, threaten Putin. I'm sure he'd love to decorate the street with your face. And I'd buy him a drink if he did."

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