Monday, July 22, 2013


Well, I talked to my rape-victim friend. Pity! A sharp guy. He still can't figure out why the family's so phony, lying to itself in the worst way. Pathetically trying to masquerade as "conservative republicans" when the loud-mouthed women have been allowed to castrate the men. It's come to be funny that they allowed the family whore to destroy one of their sons so the whore's daughter could replace him, at the expense of his health, life, and marriage, among other things. Again, why does 1 family bemoan & bewail the emasculation of the country when even with a simple God-forsaken family of 5, God's design for the home can't be maintained? How can we hope to have a country with a Godly structure?
Even today, the friend, more or less, asked his dad if it was worth it, sacrificing his son for his granddaughter. The dad essentially said yes. Boy! What an education the guy got! Learning his family received him to be such damaged goods that he had to be replaced, with some self-absorbed, ungrateful, unaware little fool. RAPE IN MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA. All a guy's headaches, back pain, worsening health with each passing month, all so some brain dead fool could get her degree and a husband, and her whore of a mother, while she went out whoring, could have her daughter's expenses offset. No! We can't bitch about Amerika dying when 1 middle class family derives warped pleasure in raping and sacrificing their son, for their granddaughter. To qualify-the guy wasn't necessarily looking for a free ride, & he, thinking he was getting the truth from his family, looked into other funding for law school, later discovers the rest of the sentence must have been muttered. To the effect,"money's really tight right now." was really, "money's really tight right now, since your niece is on the scene & we have to start saving for her college & wedding down the road."

What's still funnier-The guy has a blog set up, with solid news, links, current events & analysis, which he's told the fam about. They could essentially read their family's story, it's out there for all to read; they could figure it all out as they're all sharp! The guy's told the family about the blog! But they find him too stupid to post anything worthwhile so they figure,"why waste time checking the blog of damaged goods, a veritable fool?"

An addendum.(7/29/2013) At a casual lunch, my friend asked the man in question, to the effect, if it was worth it sacrificing and destroying his son, his son's back & health, and the father's own family, along with honesty & integrity in his home, for his granddaughter's college and wedding. Friend said his dad answered, without hesitation, in the affirmative, with a thread of dreamy wispiness to his voice and almost a tear of love in his eye, towards his granddaughter. Friend was incredulous! How could a father look his son in the eye, knowing that every morning the SOB wakes up in excruciating pain, with severe headaches, to have to take liver-destroying painkillers, as daily reminders, that his back, health, life, and ultimately his law school, & a marriage the guy attempted for a little happiness, his family stole from him so his emptiheaded, unaware, self-absorbed little niece could get her beginnings. The nearest the guy can figure is maybe his dad didn't hear the whole question, as how could a father be so bereft of conscience to, before God, do something so vicious?!?! Not just the deed itself but telling the guy the rape & complete annihilation, were "worth it"! The dude's trying to think that many have pulled it off w/o any fam's assistance; but still, the facts, here! Prima facie, res ipsa loquitir, they did what they did!

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