Monday, July 29, 2013


Like the (Gay)Pride Parade in San Francisco, flouting God, laughing at Him, that their warped freak  deviancy had come to be legalized, because of a corrupt Godless judicial system, God terminally mocked in society, as well as 1 man's family!
Finally the friend's family came to be a little more honest. with him. A gang rape it was. They all enjoyed it somehow. Like society continuing to laugh in God's face, thinking they can pull themselves up out of the cesspool they're in without His help, a family thinking it can cohesively come together without God. The family, as with the country, needs to remember Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived;God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Or Romans 2:5-6 "But after they hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the Righteous judgment of God; Who will render to every man according to his deeds." The guy's thinking, on his father,"well dad, you sacrificed your son, & everything about him, so you could start paving the way for your granddaughter. Fathers, if they exist, are suppose to prepare their sons for the world; not push 'em aside like greater society has with men, & give it all to women, rewarding their avarice and all their neuroses. No dad! You can't complain any longer over the feminizing of the country when you let it happen within the family! Your son may die, ultimately ending up on the "new liver list",  on all the liver-destroying pain killers he's on; & you said the other day that sacrifice for your granddaughter was worth it! Really?

First off, this friend's mother."Conservative" in her approach to life, but a strong alpha personality. Dominant, very competitive. Must win! The friend's family, after they moved from Oakland, found & started attending a church. In the kids' teens, things tapered off. Church viewed as largely  unnecessary. (At about 15, or maybe 16, sister pushed out to start whoring. More on that later; along with 5 divorces, among 3 kids. "No mom, God isn't necessary in the home," the friend thought) Fights ensued; dad came to be emasculated. This friend came to realize that his dad so often going to the belt for punishment, or sending him to a school where they thrashed him repeatedly with a wooden paddle must have been out of castrated frustration. Someone had to be punished! Sister laughing roundly @ each paddling her younger brother got.
A father who meted out his retribution on his 2d son(his first, a doctor), lying repeatedly, telling his son things like, "Wow! You're so smart! You read so much!" Rather he should have said,"you're smart. Just not smart enough. It didn't matter if you got accepted to law school; or that the dean wanted you on his debate team. The family receives you to be an idiot, a moron, unworthy of even the truth. Just like your brother, the doctor, said, a bad investment. You bastard, you shamed the family when you had a seizure & became damaged goods! The family still "loves" you, kind of; as 1 loves a retarded child. Of sorts, a "smart" imbecile. That's why we had to replace you with your niece. She's perfect. You're damaged!"

The door came to be thrown open! Seeing that he'd been flushed, sister really started to scheme."If he's received to be an imbecile, I'll be able to get away with anything, everything," she thought. After 3 disastrous marriages of her own(isn't the divorce rate now for society over 50%), none of which she was faithful on, she thought,"because a plastic prostitute like me 'll never have a successful marriage or relationship, I'll make sure I screw up his! What an idiot! He actually trusted me, when I repeatedly sent out signals all over the place that I'm little more than an untrustworthy overpaid slut, now with his new Russian wife's email. What a fool to think that I'd help acclimate his new wife to a new land. As he's busting his butt trying to make things work, I'll turn his wife against him, to ruin his life further. Even funnier, the idiot's still not fully aware his life & health have already been sacrificed for my daughter. The absolute cherry on the sunday, this 'll make it rhapsodically complete!" Fights arose in the friend's marriage; it collapsed. The friend learned later his sister was utterly drunk with delight knowing, first his life & back were ruined, then his marriage destroyed; the whole time the entire family was laughing roundly, mirthfully behind his back. Gold jewelry rewarded sis. He thought, "Is this a sick game?!? If forced over a cliff, are they going to get a Caribbean vacation & a Bentley?" Gal 6:7 folks, just like the country. God is watching everything!
Assets were entrusted to the family, which the guy might need to collateralize, or liquidate, for further education, or to move. The family "lost" them.(Just like welfare, stealing people's assets.) Depressed 1 night from getting unrelentingly hammered down by the fam, the friend got loaded. The fury of hell was brought down even harder on him. In his teens, or younger, didn't they know about the Foster program if he was that flawed? Now the guy says he has considerable difficulty turning his back on his family.
Even the friend's ex, while they were married, could see the oozing contempt & disdain his niece had, & still has, for him. A "good, smart, Christian" girl in the social circles, she still hasn't thanked him that his life, back, health, law school,  sports and marriage were annihilated for her, as she skipped off into the sunset w/ her husband & her degree.
The friend's family's incredulous how, or why, the dude has a problem trusting others, thinking they've been the perfect model family! The friend's family repeatedly crawls up his backside claiming "betrayal". HAH!  'Bout as ridiculous as shooting him, then suing 'im, as he's bleeding to death, for the powder burns on their hands. Like America, deluding itself. Gal 6:7
Sure, education doesn't always guarantee a job but it's not so much that this friend thought he could do it, that his family, he discovered, was so sure he couldn't. And went to great lengths to make sure!
Why are the friend's religious advisors telling him to study Paul & Joseph in the Bible? I wonder!
Side joke-The friend's father is upset there's no family cohesion; I couldn't imagine why. Gee! I couldn't imagine why society's falling apart either.  2 Chron 7:14  Every person, every family, & our nation must turn to seek God's Holy Beautiful Face!!

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