Tuesday, March 6, 2012


And the story gets even better with my friend!
A family raping & flushing 1 of their men down the toilet, having deemed him inadequate, flawed, a bad investment, an embarrassment(& God only knows whatever else he hasn't figured out yet; his siblings quietly, but invidiously and constantly, reminded him of his short-comings) to elevate a woman, veritably, his niece, to fill his position, so as to get her degree.("Smart" as they were telling him he was, they obviously took him to be too imbecilic to figure the game out.) Even though the guy's family made absolutely no effort to really figure him out, they might have discovered on the societal women's issues, he was quite libertarian, in letting women be or do whatever they wanted.  He just thought, especially from his parents, within his own family, some of the positions championed, certain things might have been understood! Even if money was absent, which it obviously wasn't, give a son the right philosophy-FEAR OF GOD, HOPE, A POSITIVE OUTLOOK! All the while, the guy making the mistake of trusting, if for nothing else, the simple issue of honesty, ending up up sacrificing his dream, his law school, his spine, and a marriage, so his niece could get her degree.
Nauseating to the nth degree, now she's engaged, @ about 22.  There's already talk of, possibly, giving up her job when they start a family. Or maybe going on part time.

Great! A man, a spine, a dream, a marriage, &, most importantly, honesty-raped, screwed, drilled, flushed down the toilet, sacrificed on the altar of decency, so a woman could replace a man, no less in a supposedly "conservative", "traditionalist" home. GO TO HELL TRADITIONALIST AMERIKA!! LOOKING @ THIS POOR BASTARD, YOU'RE ALL LIARS & PHONIES!! HE TRUSTED, IN RETURN, HE GOT LIES! What an utter joke! This is what society might expect in a leftist, commie, progressivistic, liberal family, hacking  their son's balls off with a meat cleaver,  & then, as he's screaming in agony,  gushing blood out of the lacerated, raw, gristly  eviscerated cavity between his legs(popping 1 last vicodin, as his life drains), his family, laughing(as they pour salt and alcohol in to the open wound,  as the guy's starting to go in to hypovolemic shock)  jamming his freshly sauteed testicles back down his throat. Problem 1-the guy's still alive, even though his family murdered him inside; and 2,  the guy still loves his niece & wants the best for her. Personally, I kinda take him to be a fool? Again, this happened in a family claiming respect for the Christian underpinnings  our country was built on. What a joke!

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