Wednesday, March 14, 2012


How utterly & totally thoughtful, even, arguably, magnanimous? My friend, after getting raped, lied to,  having his back & marriage destroyed, having a dream eviscerated & flushed down the toilet so as to accommodate his niece, now "niece" is, ever so generously, shooting him emails on vaporously empty "job leads", in some cases for things he's already checked out which are jokes or pyramid scams. This as he pops pain killers(daily, in excruciating pain(as his family simply says he has none)) as niece gets her wedding dress fitted. Is this, for her, a final expiation of conscience, with the realization of who & what was sacrificed to get her where she is?

HOORAY FOR EQUALITY IN AMERIKA!!! ALL THIS IN WHAT THE FRIEND SAYS HAS BEEN A SCREAMINGLY "CONSERVATIVE" FAMILY. ON ANALYSIS, I'VE TOLD THE FRIEND, THEY'RE SPIRITUALLY BEREFT FOOLS WHO  HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THE SPIRIT BEHIND CONSERVATISM IS SUPPOSE TO BE. I've suggested to the friend, as really, truly conservative as he is, to vote to reelect Obama, as Obama's the standard bearer for the lies, fraud, phoniness and delusionality which have come to infect the entire country, even the most conservative of families. He's exactly what the country deserves.

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