Thursday, May 17, 2012


AGAIN, THEY NEVER EXPECTED HIM TO FIGURE IT OUT! AGAIN, THIS IS A TRAGIC TALE OF WHAT AMERIKA HAS BECOME. MEN ARE TREATED AS FOOLS, MORONS, BRAIN-DEAD JACKASSES, MERE RESOURCES TO BE SACRIFICED "FOR WOMEN". Sidebar-what does the Bible say about women's function?That, in marriage & society, they're suppose to be the support element for men?

The friend, repeatedly having daggers plunged in to his kidneys, continues to learn more!
It was not only pre-ordained that he was to be raped & sacrificed for his niece; it was the manner in which it was done. As the friend was left struggling, trying to get funding for law school, after having the family rip the rug out from under him, and seeing the family otherwise struggling so he decided not to force the hand or materially press for anything, discovered the fam had some money, in the form of home equity, which, at the time, he had no thought nor cause to suspect any evidently "hidden cash", and really didn't understand things then anyway. That's why the friend's sister always evidently, played in the property management and refi industries. At some point before or after his back broke, sis offered to apparently help pull some of the value out of the home(for bills and things) but also seed capital for her daughter's college down the road; but would only help if the extra money went for her daughter, knowing his law school was front & center of the picture!

Let's think about this. A vicious, malicious sadistic alcoholic prescription drug abusing neurotic self-absorbed egocentric woman is so full of hate & determined to mete out her own brand of revenge, helps along her brother getting sacrificed & having his back permanently destroyed when he reaches out for something better in the vocational sphere; then, when he tries to reach out for something better in the personal sphere, in the venue of wanting to seek out a bride for a family and a little happiness, she tells him it'd be better for the fam if his plane crashed on the way to Russia and he died so all his stuff could be left to her daughter. And then when it didn't, the girl sets it about to, in her own words, in part, make sure his marriage stayed dead; and she meddled until his marriage got so miserable it disintegrated.

Yes,I guess this friend's family is typical of an American family; maybe we deserve a president who's got us prostrate over a barrel and is raping us out. Families are already doing it to each other.

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