Thursday, May 24, 2012


The friend, raped completely bloody & raw by his family, his spirit annihilated, his back, & dreams, destroyed for an ungrateful, unaware, snotty, judgemental "Christian" niece, who doesn't give a damn about the suffrage her uncle endured to accommodate her, & which he'll die with; he just got a notice for some online/internet research education, which he desperately, hopelessly needs to really stay competitive, for what he's really good at(very equitably priced).
Available family funds?   "Sorry charlie, loser, screw-up! Go screw yourself, deep & hard! You're gone, you're dead, you're worthless, you're an embarrassment, you're history! Family's available funds are going for your niece's wedding. You're a nauseating waste of a life. Go blow your brains out! And make sure U will everything to niece, before U kill yourself, okay?"

Really? Can anyone really be  thought of that favourably?

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