Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is absolutely enraging!! If this were my daughter on her Big Wheel, I'd, with an aluminum bat, tire iron, or both, come out and beat these black girls' heads until they're bloody pulp & crushed bones spread 1/2 way across the street! Then I'd cut out their livers & nail them to the door of their parents with a note of why their worthless brat daughters are no longer amongst the living; why their cars are decorated with the blood of their children. Then I'd go to work on their parents for not teaching their kids proper Christian behaviour towards their fellow man. Rise up White people everywhere!! Defend yourselves, your birthright, against the muddy tidal wave rolling across America. Roll into the tan communities, beating them senseless! Repave the streets with their blood, & the crushed bones from their worthless predatory skulls, until they get their filthy chocolate drops under control; if we don't with them, they will with us! This video is a foretaste of the bloodbath to come! White people, this is defense!  Clausewitz & Sun Tzu-TOTAL WAR! It is already upon us!! No middle ground!! Justice Henry Clay Dean said "When you force together two totally disparate cultures you do not elevate the lower to the level of the upper. You reduce the upper to the level of the lower."
Future of California & possibly Amerika if we don't get these violent animals back under control & into their cages. Actually that video is not a foretaste of the future; IT'S UPON US RIGHT NOW!! And it's getting worse!!! We're already getting robbed by them; they're just ramping up their crime; & Holder's justice department & the entire legal system is extending broad license to them to get away with more. Who was it that said, "when an alien horde marches to the ballot box & their vote outnumbers yours, that alien horde has you by the throat!" This is how the likes of people like Schumer, Pellosi,  Hillary, Dees, & Waxman among others, all think.

Think about that long & hard-if these contaminated filthy little brats were touching your beautiful sweet angelic White daughter, grabbing her wrists and getting her to hit herself. What diseases might these little brats have? What would you do if your sweet cute angelic White daughter died from a disease contracted from these brats?

THINK ABOUT IT!!  Look at this sweet cute little girl; then think about her, on her big wheel, roids grabbing her wrists getting her to hit herself; & then possibly dying from a disease they gave her. Never again to be hugged by her father, or to see her graduate from college, or walk her down the aisle to wed; only buried as these animals look  on & laugh &  gloat. Could you handle it?

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