Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Like our przident(sic) as he so oft likes to put it, his hatred for America, our freedom, & our Constitution flows through every vein in his body, it permeates his every cell; my friend's family just can't seem to stop the rape just like the current reigning pharaoh can't stop raping the country.

 The game's, like the "PRIDE PARADE" in San Francisco, truly going deeper, sicker, more twisted!! A "normal" middle class family; HAH! What a nauseating joke, like Amerika. As confident all the market indicators were showing Amerika was in the cesspool & only going deeper, so too were the family indicators my friend's replacement by his niece, she & her "husband" were considering starting their "family", as the nation headed into chaos. Old, young, fat, thin, Black, White, it didn't matter! Society itself, inside, or outside, the church, noone thought any further than their own genitals! Jacked up, stressed out, my friend voiced some of his concerns to his father over why he caved to wife first, daughter next, and granddaughter  3rd,; all of 'em somehow convincing him that his son would forever remain to stupid to figure the game out. The guy's dad said, to the effect, "you have your flaws too. "Gee!" the friend thought. It's nice to be considered so flawed, so stupid that 1 has to perpetually have their nose rubbed  in their mistakes that all the bitches in the family have to be given a free pass and be considered perfect. Betty Friedan & Alan Alda would be proud of so castrated a home, so emasculated! One star had to be lifted up, a doctor. the rest of the family had to be flushed, sacrificed, lied to, all. What was Arthur Miller's book Death Of a Salesman about? The doctor, he snatched what he could without regard for the fact he couldn't be afforded; but he didn't care. He couldn't see his father 1st couldn't afford his medical school just like niece(or granddaughter, depending which angle you view the idiot from) was really totally blind and self-absorbed to see the burden she was & how her private schooling, college, & wedding all played a major hand in destroying the family. Though a "good little Christian" she's proven just as greedy, shallow, & unaware as the rest of society; doesn't appreciate how her personal life and choice destroyed the family, just as much as society itself has been destroyed by the wanton rape & sacrifice of an increasingly greater number of other sacrifices.

"Yea, good little Christian girl, remember when you start your own miserable family in this rotting decaying, dying world, a man,  a marriage, & 2 other families were raped, annihilated & destroyed to accommodate you, you blind unaware little stoop!"
Like I said, the friend's thoroughly incredulous when he asked his dad if she was really that worth it, murdering his own family, killing his own son's health & spirit, leaving a virtual dead man walking, to give his empti-headed granddaughter her beginnings, if the love was that strong; the answered in the affirmative. Maybe it is right to murder Amerika, all the men, all the sons, all the husbands for all the daughters out there? Maybe we deserve the leader we presently have, who's selling us down the river, since one father sold his son down the river and allowed the chain of women in the home to rip the spirit of Christ, & the structure & design he commands, out of 1 home and family.
Sidebar, as much as the friend tried to follow the Right Path, his sick "loving" family put their minds together & said,"let's test his faith. Where we can, we'll compromise his health, his marriage, we'll lie to him! We'll see how much pressure we can put him under! When he snaps, makes a mistake, we'll attack his faith! God knows we can't punish daughter; she's just too nasty! We'll make sure he get's his sister's dose since he's just gullible enough to take it all! For his beginning, we'll send him to some Hitler Youth "Christian"school where they psychologically try to break kids, where he's paddled unendingly!"   The school? Ygnacio Valley Christian School he said they were called, headed up by an evidently very sick twisted man named Pat Clifford, who really loved his paddle! Nice family, eh? After paddlings the friend said had difficulty sitting at his desk in school; or in the car on the way home. Parents figured,"the little cur must have deserved it."

The ill-equipped women in the home have made it clear. The oldest woman in the family? Like greater society, she just ignores her annihilated son's concerns or observations, or how her son or family were destroyed because of some of her decisions & actions. Her daughter? Coped with the assistance of Grey Goose, Absolute, Kettle One, Prozac, & Wellbutrin, along with the strong "herb" she has growing in her back yard. And a whole lot of thinking she could screw her way to a good relationship or marriage. In turn, her daughter? The "good little Christian" girl, symbolic of the corrupted church in Amerika, who's guided by a large dose of misdirected pietism, bad doctrine, judgmentalism, myopia, & narrow-mindedness; even the friend's wife he said, while they were married, could pick up on the girl's disdain and contempt she had for her uncle, the guy who's life was destroyed for her; who's health problems she marginalized, even laughed at.

The friend thinks,"why is everyone in the family lying to each other? Why do we even make an attempt at masquerading as republicans or conservatives any more? Why do we point at things outside the family as being what's wrong with society? All the back-biting, lies, immorality, amorality, predation, grabbing, sacrificing & screwing each other? These are generally attributes historically associated with the democrats & liberals. But now on a national level, it appears the main body of the republicans simply no longer stands for anything either. Maybe our family truly is a good microcosm of society," the guy thought.
Real nice, a guy trying to choose God's way, his family trying to break him, test him, flush him in favour of materialism and the next generation; & then roundly laugh @ him when his back & spirit are broken,  & he has to wave goodbye to his wife in Canada.

The dad still hopes for some semblance of family repair down the line; a man in a complete & total state of denial! He completely annihilated and wiped out his own family & destroyed his son, & he thought he could keep it sub rosa; & he failed there too. His son asked him about it and he was all but told,"SHUT UP!!! It was all worth it ruining you. It's about time you realized, clear back to consigning you over to that school that thrashed you, you really deserved it & you needed it! It didn't matter if you had difficulty sitting for days afterward. The Demolays(youth version of the Freemasons) yougot into back in junior high, it didn't matter their known satanic ties or roots; it was just a blessing to get you out of the house for a period each week! The crack in your skull, & the ensuing subdural hematoma in your scalp, from the accident you were in with 'em? Some in the family were hopeful, for distribution of assets & property down the road, that the damage would be much more severe; but to the chagrin of some, you, sadly, came out of it."
The friend saw a correlation between the demicans & republicrats implementing policies they know will kill the country, then hoping it will "stay together"; kind of like sweetening drain opener for your dog's water & hoping he'll stay alive.
The law of entropy-all families, & nations, must ultimately die, the friend learned, the most important lesson he's taking away from his blood family. But what should our focus be? For Chritians who is their family? Mark 3:35 or Matt 12:50 He who does the will of the Father is Christ's mother & sister & brother.
Paraphrasing it, I think it says in the Good Book all those who labour without the Lord labour in vain. Or the house(family, township, city, nation) built upon sand will fall.

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