Monday, August 12, 2013


And mohammedan's are instructed to lie to those outside mohammedanism. It's called taqiyya or deception/dissimulation.
Also, jihad is not internal struggle. It is 1 of the 5 central pillars of mohammedanism; it's holy war. Again, it's part of taqiyya, or deception(which Wikipedia, I just discovered, has fallen victim to), the mohammedans keep redefining it amd moving it. WIKIPEDIA'S DEFINITION IS A LIE. THE ABOVE PROVES IT. They say Jihad is merely "to struggle in the way of Allah". THIS IS A COMPLETE & TOTAL LIE!! Buy a Qur'an and go to the above sections!!! I did!
For over 20 yrs we've had over 9000 illegals pouring across our borders daily from, identified, over 50 nations. This pans out to over 65,000,000 illegals! Not Condoleeza Rice's 25,000,000 or the republicrats or o'reilly's 11,000,000. Our northern border, because we've gutted it in favour of our southern border, averages about 1 agent for every 8 miles. Do we think the mohammedans don't know this? (And don't say I just told them; they already knew, & know.) Guaranteed folks, they're here, and en masse!!
They're screwing their way to victory. MOHAMMEDAN DEMOGRAPHICS

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