Monday, August 12, 2013


Yet more is gleaned! Like the democrats and liberals looking to put the screws to the productive, the middle class, thinking,"how can we really ream the producers in the country?" friend's family really wanted to hurt him!
My friend's family decided to compound their deep screwing of him. Merely sacrificing him for his niece wasn't enough. They, for some sick reason, really needed to inflict some pain. They learned him well. They saw what a voracious reader he is, and was, they learned what his interests were, and are. For his financial & monetary interests, 1 of his favourite authors was Milton Friedman. Some of his interests included firearms, to the point where he verbalized a desire somehow somewhere to work in the industry, or something involving those rights.  Friedman's Free To Choose was one of his favourite books! 

NEWSFLASH! Who did dad say he took to see Friedman talk, & bought 'em a membership with the California Rifle & Pistol Association? Friend's niece!! As the guy's popping pain pills to get to sleep, & wakes up in the most tortured pain each morning, he learned of the wonderful news! Recently, he applied to the California Rifle  & Pistol Association for a position as Field Rep; he was kind of lamenting the financial straits he was going through not being able to be able to afford to  join, so he could say on the app he was a member. His dad said,"you could put that your dad & niece are members!" "Thanks dad," the guy thought, "that's twisting the dagger the family already plunged into my kidney."

 This all should be kept in mind as 1 remembers they've tied his hands making it difficult not just to work, but to move as they lost some key assets he entrusted to them! In his mind's eye he can just picture the conversation-"yes, we know you like Friedman as an economist & might go to work for a gun rights advocacy group; that's why we wanted you to learn down the road that we bought your niece a CRPA membership and took her to see Friedman. We wanted you...; scratch that; we needed to feel more pain!" The guy feels like a dog chained to a tether in the yard they're just keeping around, along with for computer tutoring, so they can kick him repeatedly when he starts to get tired and fall asleep, chained up; that wonderful sensation of an iron boot crossing one's face as they're beginning to doze.

The friend's family could see the guy had some natural leanings towards religion; apparently they wanted to prove their upset with the guy along with, the way they saw it, the falsity of Christianity. Brother, the star, was spoon fed life; hence, now, THE DOCTOR! Niece had taped to her bedroom door in the folks' house(when her rank slut of a mother went off a-whoring) Psalm 37:4 which says, to the effect, "Delight in the Lord & He will give you the desires of your heart." The friend, a legally minded sort, thought there needed to be a clause added to the niece's printout-"even if it means your uncle's life, back, & dreams being sacrificed and destroyed for you." This, at a time when the middle class in Amerika is being summarily wiped out. No! NO WAY!! This friend's family has no excuse, griping about the screwing of the middle class and the feminizing of the country when they sacrifice a man for a woman.

Again, a funny thing! The friend told his family about a, primarily news & current events, blog he has set up. He's giving his commentaries and analyses on everything! Details are specific enough, it would be tragically simple for them to simply read the family story right online! Call it RAPE IN MIDDLE CLASS AMERIKA!
"Yea, Dad," the guy thinks,"the family rec'd me to be a fool. They took me to be too stupid to figure out what's going on. Now it's on the web for all to read! You flouted God's design for the home, you raised a whore & an idiot; & the whore spawned a self-absorbed unaware ungrateful egocentric little fool of her own, which ignorantly skipped off into the sunset, unaware a man & a family were raped & annihilated for her!
The friend's just wondering when & where he's going to get it next. What 'll he learn?

Oh, forgot to mention! The friend heard his mother say, to the effect,"there's a lot in our house that granddaughter really likes & we're horrifically overburdened." The guy, stuffed into a 650 sq ft apartment pointed out there's considerable he liked also but just didn't have room for it!
The fam really knows how to make a guy feel like he should have dropped out of college, gone into the army to possibly end up a flag on their mantel. Oh sorry! He does have some useful computer skills that are worth keeping around. "A close family" the father wanted; a close family where all the women rape the men. The friend's thinking,"what the hell did I do wrong?!?! Was being born that much of a crime?

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